Archimage is a design studio dedicated to the practice of computer-based visual arts.

One of the country's first completely computerized design studios, we have a history of using new technology to turn age-old design problems into opportunities.

Archimage has been designing what's next for over 20 years.



Winner of 40 international awards, Archimage merges the latest in computer technology with all things visual: architecture, computer game development, graphics, 2D and 3D animation, interactive media and web design.

We helped usher in the era of computers in architecture. Founded in 1983, Archimage continues to produce award-winning design for clients in a diverse mix of industries including advertising, financial services, entertainment, computer hardware and software, new media, professional services and marketing communications. Archimage's computer graphics and imagery appear in broadcast commercials, multimedia titles, magazine covers and print advertisements. Our building projects include corporate interiors, churches, restaurants and office buildings.

The firm's work can be seen throughout Houston and around the world. Clients include Time Warner, Baylor College of Medicine, Merrill Lynch, The Walt Disney Company, Nintendo, Volkswagen of America, IBM Corporation, GE Financial Network and Ziff Davis.

The firm features professional architects, seasoned programmers, veteran animators, and computer artists who understand the artistic as well as the business side of the design, successfully mixing budgets and deadlines with the creative process.

What We Do


    Archimage brings over two decades of design and project management skills to the emerging genre of Serious Video Games, specifically Games for Health. Our work combines the expertise of leading medical institutions with highly interactive gameplay. Our medical clients and partners include:

    -- Baylor College of Medicine
    -- USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center
    -- National Institutes of Health
    -- University of Texas Health Science Center
    -- National Cancer Institute
    -- Abramson Center for the Future of Health


    Archimage pioneered the use of microcomputers in building design. It offers professional architecture services for office facilities, restaurants, churches and museums. The firm has a reputation for creativity, high technology and a unique client-interactive approach to problem solving. While still in the design phase, Archimage can take clients on computer-animated tours of their buildings. Clients include:

    -- Time Warner Communications
    -- United States Postal Service
    -- Compaq Computer Corporation


    Archimage develops exciting web environments, animated graphics, e-commerce functionality and database engines. The firm's web sites give non-programmers the ability to manage information and update web content without the need to learn HTML. Archimage projects have been featured in national media and online publications, including CNN, ArchitectureWeek, USA Today, and SmartMoney. Clients include:

    -- GE Financial Network
    -- American Institute of Architects
    -- BaylorMedCare
    -- VALoans.com
    -- Ziff Davis


    Archimage offers affordable, creative, broadcast-quality computer animation for television advertising, business presentation and entertainment. The firm's work appears on television, in marketing videos and on the web. Projects include work for:

    -- The Walt Disney Company
    -- Nintendo
    -- Time Warner
    -- Volvo
    -- Audi


    Some of Archimage's best-known "buildings" aren't buildings at all. They're interactive CD-ROMs. Archimage multimedia projects include computer games, electronic manufacturer catalogs, interactive education titles and award-winning entertainment CD-ROM titles. Clients include:

    -- Knowledge Adventure
    -- Rockport Publishers
    -- University of Houston
    -- US Aluminum
    -- Merrill Lynch